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Parties are more fun and memorable with an experienced, professional belly dancer in the mix. Entertain your guests in style by including a tasteful and exciting belly dance performance by the West Michigan School of Middle Easter Dance! No event is too large or small and we can cater to your event needs including belly-gram, for a home or restaurant-hosted party, or for a corporate event, we offer professional highly skilled individuals.

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How do I hire a professional belly dancer of the West Michigan School of Middle Eastern Dance?

Have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below to get an idea of what to expect. You will find that most of your questions will be answered there.

Call Joette at 269-375-0990 or e-mail at with the date, time and location of the event as well as the number of guests you are expecting. If a dancer is available you will be put on the calendar and you will be asked to fill out a performance contract.

Booking: Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the show?

A typical show is between 25–40 minutes. The dancer may use finger cymbals, swords, veils, and candles. When appropriate, the show may include audience participation, for example, the guest of honor may be asked to belly dance then give a show of their own. This is fun and the audience usually loves to participate.

What is the length of our performance?

Most bookings are done on 15-20 minute shows (this is our minimum rate charge), where the dancer will dance around 5 songs back-to-back. After our 15-20 minute booking minimum, if you wish to have your dancer perform for longer, you are then charged per hour. For your special event, your dancer will arrive 5-10 min prior to her performance and will need somewhere to get ready and warm-up. Then you and your guests just need to sit back and be transported to a magical world of belly dancing, with mesmerizing moves and lots of enjoyment for all!

Is it appropriate for children?

Yes, the belly dance show is family friendly. Children often love to dance, too!

Will the dancer bring music?

The belly dancer provides an Arabic music CD and a boom box if necessary. If the venue could provide the sound system (louder is better) would be helpful. Usually the dancer will stay out of sight until the CD has begun playing and enter on cue. If there is a guest of honor, the dancer will ask that he/she be placed with their back to the dancer. Live Arabic musicians can be arranged upon request.

What kind of music is used?

Depending on your preference, music can range from classical Arabic to modern pop. Our music collection also includes Bollywood hits and contemporary Turkish and Persian favorites.

What if I need more than one belly dancer or a group concert?

Ask about booking an award-winning group of beautiful, talented and professional dancers.

How is payment expected?

In cash or check at the show. For corporations, we will invoice you for the performance if needed.

What if I book you, and then I cancel the appearance?

IThere is a 15% cancellation fee for cancellations made less than 5 days before the show date, and a 30% cancellation fee for cancellations less than 48 hours (two full days) before the show date.

Long before the show starts, dancers invest significant time and energy creating a customized show program. In addition, we do stayed booked and often turn down other engagements based on accepting this show. Cancellations more than 5 days before the show date are not charged a fee.

Do dancers go to performances alone?

No, dancers will always have an escort, so do not be surprised when you see two people instead of one.

What do you need when you get here?

Someplace to change if needed, a bathroom is fine. Often dancers are dressed and ready to perform. A debris-free performance area at least 5' x 5' (the bigger the dance space, the better the show).

What if a guest gets rowdy or rude?

A dancer will define rowdy or rude as out of control and verbally offensive. If groping, lewd/crude comments, etc. interfere with dancer’s ability to perform either the person is removed from the performance area (host's responsibility), or the dancers will stop the performance take the fee and leave immediately. End of show.

Is tipping allowed?

Certainly. We often find that many guest are actually intimidated to tip, but as long as it is respectfully done (i.e., not in the bra cups, no groping), there is no problem. There are actually several ways to tip belly dancers. The preferred method is gently tossing bills over the dancer's head (sometimes called a money shower), instead of placing them in the costume. This way, the performance is not interrupted, and the dancer doesn't risk getting food/drink on her expensive costume.

What if I book you, and then you have to cancel on me?

Be assured that no cancelation should be excepted unless it’s in cases of severe illness or extreme family emergency. If that occurs, we will arrange for another quality dancer to perform, and all the FAQs apply to her as well.

How far in advance should I make the booking?

It totally depends. It is always better to book the show sooner than later. If you are flexible about the time that the show begins, last minute shows can often be worked in. However, Saturday nights during the holidays and during wedding season (May–September) tend to book completely.

What about out of town and international shows?

The West Michigan School of Middle Eastern Dance is located in the greater Kalamazoo area of southwest Michigan. Shows outside of Kalamazoo will need to be booked far in advance and contact can be negotiated.

Can I get a sample DVD?

Visit our media section for performance clicks.